Passion. It's what drives you to win games. And it's what inspires Easton-Bell Sports to make the gear to get you the win, safely.
Athletes and enthusiasts trust our products to strike a balance between protection and performance. For more than 80 years, this responsibility has spurred our employees to discover new ways to help customers perform their best in football, baseball, softball, lacrosse, cycling, ice hockey, power and snow sports.



With nearly 90 years in the sporting goods industry, Easton Sports has established itself as one of the world's preeminent innovators, designers and manufacturers of sporting equipment. Easton's storied tradition began in 1922 when the company began developing archery equipment. Since then it has revolutionized the sporting goods industry with the introduction

of the first aluminum baseball bat, first high-performance one-piece composite hockey stick, and first two-piece composite baseball bat. In 2010 Easton Lacrosse was launched, transforming the sporting goods industry once again. Easton Sports' tireless effort and unyielding momentum towards excellence fuels its innovation. Constantly riding ahead of the curve, improving some of the toughest and fastest sports with groundbreaking vision and engineering, Easton Sports continues to be a visionary in the world of sporting goods, and the plans for future mirror those of the past: innovate, lead, and excel. To learn more, go to


It's no coincidence that Bell is both the first name in speed and the first name in helmets. Born in the 1950s California hot rod and racing scene, Bell founder Roy Richter built an entire industry anticipating the unmet needs of those with a speed-hungry disposition. People wanted to drive fast – he corralled all the go-fast parts he could find into the world's first speed shop.

They wanted to race – he built them race cars. And when the need-for-speed started to reveal some grim realities, Roy did something about that too, and Bell Helmets was born. Roy Richter spent his life removing the limit of what was possible – and his unlimited spirit has been Bell's guiding light for nearly 60 years, earning the admiration, trust and loyalty of generations of champions. Throughout those years nearly every advance on the list of helmet "firsts" were built under Bell's auspices including the first protective auto racing helmet and the first full-face motorcycle helmet. Whether for auto racing, motorcycling or bicycling, Bell is synonymous with instilling confidence and enabling awesomeness. Established 1954, proven ever since. To learn more, go to


Riddell is a premier designer and developer of protective sports equipment. Part of the Easton-Bell Sports family, Riddell is the Official Helmet of the National Football League (NFL®) and the recognized leader in helmet technology and innovation for professional and amateur athletes.Synonymous with the game, Riddell has a deep football heritage. When John Tate

Riddell founded the company in 1929, his mission was simple—make sports equipment safer, better and easier to use. The company first revolutionized the protective sports equipment landscape by introducing screw-on, removable cleats.

In 1939, Riddell invented the plastic web-suspension helmet, which protected millions of soldiers in World War II and then became America’s most popular football helmet. Product innovation is still at the heart of everything Riddell does. Today, engineers and designers work together to create equipment that rivals Riddell’s legendary history. From embedded impact sensors in helmets that monitor and record head impacts during on-field play to shoulder pads that give responders easy access to players in emergencies, Riddell continues to break new ground in sports equipment by combining visionary ideas with advanced materials and technology. For more information on Riddell, visit the website at


Giro, based in Scotts Valley, CA, is a worldwide leader in high-performance protective gear and accessories for action sports and active lifestyles. Our mission is to create products on the leading edge of inspired design that look, fit and feel like a part of you, and allow you to be at your best. It all started in 1985, when industrial designer and rider Jim Gentes had a big idea.

And from a tiny garage nestled between the beaches of Santa Cruz and the pioneering spirit of Silicon Valley, Jim and some close friends shaped that idea into an innovation and a company that enabled riders to break free of conventional thinking.

To this day, everything we do at Giro is designed to enhance the connection between riders and the Ride. We do this because we believe that riding is one of the best parts of living. Whether you ride on snow or dirt, on pavement or rock-strewn trail, across town or out of bounds; the Ride is a way to cut loose and experience the power of freedom. Giro exists to serve that feeling, and to share it with more people. For more information, go to


In 1975, Jim Blackburn set out to design cycling products worthy of his name. Using his own exacting standards as a guide, these products had to be stronger, lighter, more innovative and more reliable than anything else on the market. When his first bags and racks were released, Blackburn set a precedent for exceeding cyclist expectations – a tradition that lives on

in everything we make today.

For more information, go to garage nestled between the beaches of Santa Cruz and the pioneering spirit of Silicon Valley, Jim and some close friends shaped that idea into an innovation and a company that enabled riders to break free of conventional thinking.For more information, go to


Easton Cycling is two parts science and one part passion. Born at the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, California, Easton Cycling exists for one reason—to make bikes better. We embrace new materials, create new technologies and introduce industry standards all to make your bike ride smoother, go faster and last longer. Through an advanced mix of materials

and clever proprietary designs Easton is able to create wheels and components that not only win the weight contests, but also outperform the competition in ride quality and durability. To learn more, go to